as-transformer - v0.2.0


MassaLabs as-transformer library.

An AssemblyScript transformer helper module.

The complete documentation of all available functions and objects can be found here:


To install this module, run the following command at your project root directory :

npm install -D @massalabs/as-transformer

The protobuf transformer needs protobuf compiler, protoc, to be installed.


Tell your editor where to find the transformer types in a typing file. For example assembly/types.d.ts.

/// <reference types="@massalabs/as-transformer" />

You can use this transformer by adding --transform @massalabs/as-transformer to your asc command.

For instance, to compile assembly/my_sc.ts with this transformer you will execute:

npx asc --transform @massalabs/as-transformer assembly/my_sc.ts --target release --exportRuntime -o build/my_sc.wasm

Transform ts files



This transformer loads the given file, encodes it to StaticArray<u8> and then replace the call to file2ByteArray by the encoded content.


export function main(_args: string): i32 {
const bytes = fileToByteArray('./build/sc.wasm'); // will read `build/sc.wasm`, will encode it in array and then put the result in a string used to initialize `bytes`.
const sc_addr = createSC(bytes);
call(sc_addr, "advance", "", 0);
generateEvent("SC deployed at addr: " + sc_addr);
return 0;


We welcome contributions from the community!

If you would like to contribute to as-transformer, please read the CONTRIBUTING file.


as-transformer is released under the MIT License.

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